This project was an awesome opportunity to collaborate with Nino Kapetanovic and Bailey Lauerman on a conference show package for Phillips 66.

We were tasked with developing the introduction and outro conference videos, as well as four keynote speaker titles.

We received initial mood boards and script outlines from the agency and spent a week fleshing out concepts and storyboards for the show package. After sign-offs from the client and the agency we spent two weeks developing the conference package, delivering six videos that debuted at the X2 Conference.

Client: Phillips 66

Agency: Bailey Lauerman

3D Modeling and Animation: Nino Kapetanovic

2D Animation & Compositing: Ben Kamprath

Editing: Ben Kamprath & Nino Kapetanovic

Creative Director: Sean Faden

Copywriter: Michael Johnson

Design: Brandon Oltman

Voiceover: Ben Kamprath

Music and Sound Design: Nino Kapetanovic & Ben Kamprath