In early 2016 I had the opportunity to join forces with Nino Kapetanovic and the team at Agent Branding to collaborate on a hype video for KhromeWerks, a client specializing in aftermarket motorcycle accessories.

The brief was very flexible, giving us a few guide rails but allowing plenty of room for exploration.

Nino and I have worked together on a handful of projects over the years and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with him. For KhromeWerks, I was tasked to develop the initial animatic, perform the majority of the edit, develop the glitch transition look, and to create/composite the 2D animated elements, including type, highlights and particle effects.

Our initial animatic guided shot development and established overall timing, allowing Nino to focus on creating the 3D sequences for each shot. By working in tandem from the same animatic, we were able to develop the edit and the 2D/3D elements simultaneously. At the end of each day we dropped in newly rendered shots, reviewed the updated edit, making notes and adjustments that we could address on the following day. Our complimentary workflows were both flexible creatively and logistically crucial to meeting our relatively tight delivery deadline.

The video was part of the KhromeWerks brand launch event that introduced the Build Your Beast campaign.

Client: Khrome Werks / Lincoln Industries

Agency: Agent

3D Modeling and Animation: Nino Kapetanovic

2D Animation & Compositing: Ben Kamprath

Editing: Ben Kamprath & Nino Kapetanovic

Creative Directors: John Hayden, Raleigh Drennon

Design: John Hayden

Additional 3D Modeling and Animation: Ben Kamprath

Music and Sound Design: Soundscapes